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Is it Yew?

Cypress,  limbed up

It is not I, so it must be YEW!


Seriously, though, this is a shrub/tree I spotted while driving through my little town recently.  Here is a photograph showing the many trunks, after it appears the homeowner decided to trim the lower limbs.  The previous bottom width, before the pruning, must have been quite large.

My fascination with this is the amazingly artistic look of all these trunks.  Maybe originally this was a large shrub that was cut off at ground level, and all these trunks we see now are actually a result of limbs growing up out of the cut-off trunk.  Or maybe this is the natural habit of Yew.  Or is this even a Yew?

I would love to hear from any of Yew you who know what this plant is, and if the trunks grow like this naturally.

Cypress, limbed up

Please let me know.  Thank you.

5 comments on “Is it Yew?

  1. casjack1
    July 4, 2015

    I don’t know about the growing habits of Yews, but this is beautiful,

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    • June.
      July 4, 2015

      My photographer for this excursion was B.C. Jackson!

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  2. Alice
    July 5, 2015

    Hey Yew, I don’t know these things, but my brother does. I will forward this to him. Alice Howe

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  3. casjack1
    July 5, 2015

    Yew girls are funny! 🙂

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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