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Wetlands: not just a place for migrating geese to land.

My wetland...

My wetland creek…

Well, I’m embarrassed – I had always thought of wetlands as a place for migrating geese to land overnight. I had never seen any geese land along my creek, even though it is part of a protected wetland area. I thought maybe they landed there after I closed the window blinds in the evenings, and flew away before I opened the window blinds again the next morning. I mean, who knows? I had previously thought of wetlands as being similar to a motel for migrators. Maybe a bed & breakfast for migrators, considering the fact geese and other migratory birds probably need to find something to eat, to fuel them for flying some more the next day. I am not being flippant. It just never occurred to me to think about it any more than that. And I am not proud of that statement.

Of course, you may know by now, the winter of 2014-2015 was somewhat a turning point for me. I devoured information on garden design, and in the process, my eyes were opened to many more thoughts about the wild world.

TheLivingLandscapeThe Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden, by Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy, was my first, and strongest, insight into this other world of life and natural ecological activity for the gardener to embrace. The straightforward presentation of biodiversity by these authors led me right into the concept with so much understanding, and much excitement. Every ecological system has its own diverse elements, but it all remains the same in one way: layered environments – from deep in the soil to high in a forest canopy – enhance the healthy ecologies that provide “…cover, shelter, and sustenance for wildlife”, to quote the authors. So the protection of wetlands is a safeguard to preserve the biodiversity that exists only in these unique areas, even if the geese choose to land somewhere else overnight, as I have seen them do in a larger wetland area very near my home.


Doug Tallamy & Rick Darke, authors of The Living Landscape.

I could tell you more, but it would be like telling you how a movie ends, before you see the movie. Please, take a look at this monumental work, by these exceptional authors, and you will realize there is so much more happening around you. May you feel the excitement, also.


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