Woodland Shade Gardening

Woodland shade gardening with a purpose – pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!

Too curvaceous

Soon it will be time to set the shrubs along the fence line in this area, and I still don’t feel comfortable with this retaining wall’s curve.  I want it to be straight.  The 2 daffodils laying on the stones indicate the outermost points of the existing curve, and it is from each of those points that I want to pull a string in a straight line and move the stones to it.  There are just too many curves in this area.  Paths, curved bed edges, and changes in material used to hold back the eroding earth.  Way too busy, busy, busy.  So, I think a straight line here would be more restful on the eye.  I will be planting shrubs up against the back side of the wall, and they will eventually spill over the wall and hide it.  But the wall has to be there because that is such a strong rainwater draining area, and the wall is functioning wonderfully to catch the rainwater in the soil behind it, and hold it in place for a longer time.  So, do you think I will be doing the right thing to straighten out this curve?

What is everyone doing today?  The weather is making me so anxious to get out into the yard and do something, but the soil is still so waterlogged.  I did go out and pick up sticks and sweep the leaves off the front porch.  I have a few new garden design books from the library, so I will probably cuddle up with Emily & Katy and study those books.

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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