Woodland Shade Gardening

Woodland shade gardening with a purpose – pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!

Dead Wood Dropping

These old forest trees have a lot of dead wood hanging up in them, mostly dry-rotted.  These many days of light rains have soaked the dry-rotted wood and made it heavy and that added weight is causing it to fall in these winds that began about 30 minutes ago.  We have had 3 dead-wood-drops already, but this is the largest so far.  It will be very beneficial backfill for the project I am ready to enjoy – the strong decrease of the curve on a nearby bed being held in place by retaining wall stones.  Two photos of the curve are included.  I intend to make it almost straight between the two outermost points, but will leave only a very slight arc to it.  If you think a straight line would be okay, please e-mail me and let me know.  Friday I moved the stones to decrease the curve, but it was still more intense than I want it to be, so I will be modifying the modification.  I had been wondering where I 

would get the backfill material without using up my stash of chipped leaves, then Mother Nature gave me good material to work with!  I will roughly break up this and anymore that falls, fill up the empty area behind the newly placed retaining wall stones and topdress it with some leaves so it will look good.  This will be a fantastic area to plant Log Fern, which loves to grow out of old decaying logs.  It’s like Mother Nature is a garden faerie who constantly gives me toys to play with.  Okay, that was just an example of me being silly. 😀

Don’t want this curve so deep between these trees

Too many curves

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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