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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose – pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!

Never knew anyone…

Often, one hears tales of people finding snakes in their rain gutters when cleaning the gutters.  But I never knew anyone who actually found a snake while cleaning the gutters.  It was always one of those “my friend knew someone’s cousin whose neighbor’s uncle found a snake…”.  It never actually happened to the person telling the tale.  Well, that just changed!  I was up on the ladder, thought I saw one of those speckled pieces of aged bark, and then it began to slither, very sluggishly.  So sluggishly, in fact, that I had time to get down off the ladder in the usual way (that means NOT falling off the ladder with fright), get my gardening trowel, climb back up the ladder and try to saw the snake’s head off with the edge of the trowel.  I have been intending to sharpen the point of that trowel.  I will sharpen it very soon so that next time one quick whisk of the blade will sever the head right off a snake – just in case I may need to do that again in the future.  I called into the house to Carl while in the garage getting my trowel, so when I flung the snake down onto the sidewalk, he was available to herd the snake in case it tried to get away before I came down the ladder again and completely sawed the head loose from the body.  Okay, that’s my story for today.  By the way, what kind of snake is this?

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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