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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose – pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!

Eva Peron bed completed

Teresa, next door, gave me a tall Ostrich Fern yesterday, from her vigorous colony.  Maybe it’s not an Ostrich, because she couldn’t remember.  I saw it in her yard last summer, and really liked it. It is colonizing quite well, so some day I may be inundated with it, like Kudzu.  I hope so!
   She said it needs a lot of water, which the Eva Peron bed gets, so I decided it would look striking placed there.  It has a lot of new fronds coming out in the center.  When they get large enough to carry on the photosynthesis I will cut back some of the damaged and flopping fronds.
   But, after setting it out, I went to Lowe’s in Monroe, found nothing for groundcover to complete the bed, then ran up to King’s and bought a couple of Japanese Holly Ferns, a Platycodon (Balloon Flower) and some $1 annuals – Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”.  They have several tables of $1 annuals, in 4″ pots, VERY well rooted.  I wish I had bought all the white Euphorbia.  Then I stopped back by Lowe’s at Sun Valley and picked up 2 “Paris” Heucheras.
   So I’m still staying with the pink/purple/white theme.  The lower edge of the bed, next to the rainwater retention area, needed some plants packed in to give it a definite edge, instead of just faltering off into nothingness.  And it needed something on the other side of the walkway, from the patio, to snuggle up next to that one lone August Lily. SOOOOO…..  now it is finished.  It will just need to grow in and look full.  But isn’t that what we enjoy watching?

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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