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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose – pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!

Need Rocky Ideas!

This property produces many rocks.  Naturally occurring shale, white rocks appearing from the eroded red clay used by the builder for back fill and a few other random rocks.  They seem like a usable natural resource, sort of an offering from my little piece of earth to me. Okay, I know that sounds cuckoo, but…  So I decided I would keep putting them between the house and the drip line from the roof, kind of like a mulched area.  Yes, we have gutters, but they are not always clean, nor are the downspouts always clear – so we have a drip line etched into this red clay back fill in this area. Anyway, I have already used the larger rocks to border a flower bed, but am really intrigued by this idea of filling a wire cage with rocks.  My idea is a long wire cage about the width and height of a shoebox standing on it’s side.  I mean really long.  About 10-12′, for somewhere specific that I need a retaining wall, much like a rock border would be.  But I don’t want to go out and buy new pavers or retaining wall stones that will leach lime into my wonderfully acidic soil.  My pavers and retaining wall stones that I have used for projects more recently are salvaged from other areas of the yard where they have already ‘cured’.  So, I need information:  has anyone ever worked with bending 1/2″ galvanized wire?  What is the best tool to use for bending?  I will have to cut it in half lengthwise when I buy a roll, to accomplish my dimensions, so what is the best tool for cutting?  The real question is this:  would 1/2″ galvanized wire be so hard to work with that I will cripple my hands?  Any answers, or alternative cage ideas will be truly welcomed.  I’m thinking it could take me a long time to construct the cage, so does anyone have any ideas for an alternative way to keep the rocks corralled?  Something at least as unnoticeable as wire.  Also, there are more rocks than the ones showing in the bucket photo.  These are only the ones I had to remove to put down the pine mulch.  IDEAS PLEASE !  Adrienne, will you run this by Jordan, also?  Or anyone else any of you may know who is ‘artsy’. Thanks.

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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