Woodland Shade Gardening

Woodland shade gardening with a purpose – pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!


I scavenged as many chipped leaves as I could find in different areas where they were slightly thick, and backfilled the old pathway, to make the new pathway obvious.  Now it doesn’t look as much like the two paths created a ring around the tree.  Last night we had 2 hard rains, totalling 1.5″.  The hard rains always move more fine debris to 3 particular areas.  So I went to those areas today and raked up the fine debris to topdress the chipped leaves in the newly backfilled area.  The entry into the new path that is next to the mossy yard is kind of mucky, because that’s where the most digging happened when I removed the vinca.  So, it will just need to sit, unused, for a couple of weeks to settle itself.  I will topdress it with some fine organic debris, when I notice where some is available to ‘harvest’, and it will help the surface set up sooner.  I am pleased with this project, even though it still looks a bit rough.  The area behind the leylands is where I stored chipped leaves last fall & winter.  When the leaves are falling, and we are chipping, there is a HUGE quantity available all at once.  It is better to store it, then bring it out as I have needs and projects. As you can see, I can now store all over that area that used to be the old path.  It will be nice to have some extra storage space.

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Woodland shade gardening with a purpose - pleasure, creativity, rainwater collection!



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